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férti-l MAX for him

Multiple ingredients that rise sperm quality

The selection and combination of the ingredients that ferti-l for him contains, increase male fertility as they improve sperm quality.


The daily consumption of this amino acid favors spermatogenesis, in other words, the creation process of new spermatozoa, so it increases significantly the amount of them in semen. In order to obtain this result, it is necessary to consume daily doses of L-Carnitine in a combination of two derivatives: acetyl L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine fumarate. For this reason, the carnitine that is sold in vitamin stores is not recommended when the purpose is to improve male fertility.

ferti-l Max for him contains the combination and daily dose of L-Carnitine necessary to increase the amount and motility of sperm.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

It is an antioxidant substance that the body produces naturally and it is involved in the processes which generate energy that cells use to function correctly. The levels of coenzyme Q10 in the body decrease as the people's age advances.

Spermatozoa need high concentrations of CoQ10. Several studies have found that men with certain fertility problems present low levels of CoQ10 in their semen and sperm cells.

ferti-l Max for him guarantees the daily dose of CoQ10 that the body requires to increase the sperm motility significantly.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is present in the form of ascorbic acid in the 65% of the antioxidant capacity of fertile men's semen.

Numerous investigations demonstrate that vitamin C levels in the seminal fluid are much higher in fertile men than in infertile ones, and that the concentration of this powerful antioxidant is related to the percentage of spermatozoa with normal shape and morphology.

Vitamin C protects spermatozoa from oxidative stress which means that it keeps the integrity of the genetic material, in other words, it reduces DNA fragmentation in male reproductive cells. This favors the capacity of sperm to fertilize the egg and the development of a healthy embryo.

Folic acid, Zinc and Complex B

DNA synthesis —the spermatozoon's genetic material— depends on minerals such as zinc and vitamin B. This synthesis is essential for the development of mature spermatozoa, in other words, capable of fertilizing an egg.

Recent investigations have demonstrated up to 74% of increase in the amount of normal spermatozoa after the consumption of folic acid in combination with zinc sulfate.


Maca is the root of a plant which grows in the Andean region of Peru. Recent studies have demonstrated that the oral intake of maca improves semen quality.

Variable Pre-maca Post-maca P value
Volume (ml) 1.23 ± 0.28 2.91 ± 0.28 < 0.05
pH 7.47 ± 0.09 7.44 ± 0.07 NS
Sperm count (106/ml) 67.06 ± 18.61 90.33 ± 20.46 NS
Total sperm count (106/ml) 140.95 ± 31.05 259.29 ± 68.17 < 0.05
Total motility (106/ml) 87.72 ± 19.87 183.16 ± 47.84 < 0.05
Motility Grade A (%) 29.00 ± 5.44 33.65 ± 3.05 NS
Motility Grade A+B (%) 62.11 ± 3.64 71.02 ± 2.86 < 0.05
Normal morphology (%) 75.50 ± 2.02 76.90 ± 1.23 NS
The consumption of ferti-l Max for him does not substitute the necessity of consulting a physician as not all the infertility causes are due to oxidative stress or the lack of micronutrients.
ferti-l Max for him
It rises the sperm quality:
  • Higher amount
  • Better motility
  • Lower DNA fragmentation index (better genetic quality)
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férti-l MAX for HIM