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Male fertility

Multiple indicators of sperm quality

Male fertility depends on the quality of spermatozoa present in semen. The higher the number of good-quality spermatozoa is, the higher the man's reproductive capacity is.

In order to evaluate sperm quality, World Health Organization (WHO) has established parameters or indicators. Some of them are:

  • Amount, density or sperm concentration: number of spermatozoa in each milliliter of ejaculated semen.

The normal value is of 15 million per milliliter or 39 million in the whole sample.

  • Motility: Percentage of spermatozoa that move and displace following a linear trajectory, in other words, they can advance and progress.

Among all the spermatozoa that move, at least 32% of them should be progressive.

  • Morphology: It refers to the shape of the head, neck and tail of the spermatozoon.

At least 4% of all the spermatozoa should have a right-shape structure.

Apart from these characteristics which can be seen through a microscope, there are others more difficult to know such as the quality of the genetic material that each spermatozoon carries and its capacity to perform fertilization. One of the anomalies of this type is the so-called sperm DNA fragmentation; the higher the fragmentation is, the lower the reproductive capacity is.

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Multiple ingredients that rise sperm quality