For men's and women's fertility.
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Around a half of fertility problems in couples are found in men. Removing or reducing male causes of infertility means that half of the couples who want to have a baby, but have not achieve it yet, may get pregnant soon.

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In contrast to men who produce sperm every 72 days, women are born with a certain supply of eggs or ovarian reserve which is stored in their ovaries and decreases with advancing age.

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ferti-l Max is a natural powder to make an orange flavored beverage formulated specifically to enhance male and female fertility.

ferti-l Max for him and ferti-l Max for her are two products without hormones, which contribute to the reproductive health of couples who want to have a baby. Both contain natural safe ingredients whose effectivity is endorsed by numerous clinical studies worldwide.

ferti-l Max for him and ferti-l Max for her is a powder to prepare an orange flavored beverage with 100% natural ingredients.

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In order to have a baby, two people are needed; for this simple and basic reason, it is essential to attend and improve the reproductive health of men and women who want to be parents.

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